Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow

Posted in general mayhem, sexy tails on February 6th, 2013 by pet_girl

It has snowed every day this month! Okay it is only day 5, but still! It has snowed every day this month!

I decided to surprise my owner the other day, I tried to beat him home so I could greet him in the only way a fifi could….at the door with ears on, tail in and fur everywhere 🙂

However, while waiting I found his socks and started playing with them. I got in some trouble and got a swat on the nose with a newspaper ……what a bad, bad puppy I am 😉

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Snowbound Pup

Posted in general mayhem, sexy tails on February 6th, 2011 by pet_girl

It has been so snowy here, that I have been hesistant to even step outside into the white snow.  I love romp around and play in the snow, but it is so high, I can barely walk in it.

Thankfully my master brought me home a new rope bone yesterday. I was so happy to see the new toy I started licking his face in gratitude, but of course that lead to him sitting down and me licking my other bone to show how excited I was about the new toy.

After licking him for quite a bit he picked up the bone and threw it across the room.  I bounded across the room on all fours and as I went to pick the bone up in my mouth I heard my master behind me.  With my ass already in the air, he took the opportunity to enter me.  He began pounding so hard, though my whines and whimpers were muffled by the rope bone so securely in mouth.

He bit the nape of my neck letting me know he was in charge.  With each bite I gnawed even more on my bone.  Once done, I felt the warmth of his cum splash across my back.  I wanted to stay and continue to chew on my bone, but I knew it was bathtime.  And so with the leash attached to my collar he led me to the tub and began to fill it with warm water for my bath.

Morning Wake Up

Posted in general mayhem, sexy tails on August 28th, 2010 by pet_girl

I slept in my bed in the floor, and when the sun came up I was ready to play!  But my master was sound asleep in the bed.  I nuzzeled him and whined, but he just rolled over.  So I went to get his boot and brought it right up to the bed, growling and threatening to chew it right up.  That definitely got his attention!

He called me up on the bed (I am not allowed on the furniture unless I have permission).  I was so excited, my tail was wagging a mile a minute.  I jumped up and instantly started nuzzling him! I could tell he was getting turned on, and feel his hardness through the sheets.  Which made me just want to play more, I started nibbiling his neck and even biting his arm….what would it take in order to get him to play with me?

Instantly I knew, and started wagging my tail and bending down on all fours, He knew exactly what I needed and as he took me from behind, I knew that I would be howling.

Hope I didn’t wake the neighbors!

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foxy lady

Posted in general mayhem, sexy tails on August 16th, 2010 by pet_girl

Quite literally.

I never knew the thrill of being hunted.  Nor the sexiness of a big full fluffy tail hanging out of my ass.

I donned a beautiful full tail, and my red pointy years and tried to hide from my hunter.  As I heard him come closer I could hear my heart beat quicken from the thoughts of what he would do if he were to catch me.  No traps for this little sly fox, rather a hard fucking was awaiting me.

I would dart out from cover and try to find another place to hide while leaving him in my dust.  I was able to get away twice and rehide, before I finally ran out of places that would make my big fluffy tail not seen.

The last time the hunter found me I darted out and tried to run away, but he was too close and I felt the noose on my neck, lightly biting into my skin and I knew that I had been captured.  He brought me over to the wall and as you would do with any prey tied me up so I could no longer move, as I squirmed he licked my face and said, “I am going to enjoy this”.

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Lil Bunny

Posted in general mayhem, sexy tails on July 15th, 2010 by pet_girl

My favorite costume has always been the bunny. I can’t exactly say why, but I think it may be the little bunny tail.

Sure the ears are cute, they are long and can be made to put in sexy poses.

But I love wagging that little bunny tail. How it lays right above my ass, so that I can still keep it on, even when being fucked from behind. It doesn’t get in the way, but I can still feel the fluffy tail there, as I feel him go all the way into my ass.

The only downside is bunny’s don’t really make any noises. I miss howling out in ecstasy. Somehow scrunching my nose isn’t quite as relieving.

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Ruff ruff!

Posted in general mayhem, sexy tails on May 28th, 2010 by pet_girl

I got to play with my favorite master last night!

When he got to my house, I made sure to meet him at the door with my tail wagging.   And thank goodness since he had brought me a treat from the store. My master always thinking about me when he is out.

I deserved the treat since I hadn’t peed in the house or even chewed on the shoes or furniture.

I practiced sitting up and begging. And he made me beg for it. No matter how much I whined, until I sat up and begged properly He refused to give into me.

Ruff, ruff!

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