Oh my… Panda titties

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And tape ‘X’ pasties over the nipples will never get old. And they add that nice gritty porn star feel to things.

But wait a minute here, we have a topless chick jumping in a panda head and she doesn’t appear to be Asian. What’s going on here.

I once saw a burlesque show, I think it was the Pontaini Sisters. One of the girls was doing a strip teas and was wearing a mascot head type mask like this. I thought it was great; she had it for weird points.  My biggest disappointment was after taking her clothes off, to finish, she took the mask off. I really though she should have left it on for the whole thing.

Who needs a face. Panda girl, come bounce on my bed.


topless girl jumps in a panda mask

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Moo… Baby

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If you’re weird and you’re into it, clap your hands. Oh.. wait, she’s not clapping all chained up.

I mean way to just go for it! This is all in, as a cow. And with big natural tits. Hey, use them if you’ve got them.

We have a few cow girls, with big tits, covering themselves in milk even! Yea, I want some milk baby.

What I want to see is the other side. Is there a cow tail? Butt plug? Open crotch latex overalls for easy access?

I applaud your all out effort in perversion. Go for it, the best you can.

Topless girl in cow mask and latex

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Supper time for puppy

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Come here girl. I have dinner for you. Here you go, in your doggie dish. Come on, on your hands and knees. I’m going to put your little puppy bowl here on the kitchen floor. Nope, that all your getting. If you’re hungry you better get your face in that doggie dish and eat up. That’s a good girl.

londe puppy girl and her dog dish

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Here kitty, kitty, kitty…

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Aren’t you a curious little kitty. What are you looking at? Or are you just out looking for trouble. Is that why are topless with your little kitty outfit?

Cat girl makeup is always cute. Painted nose and whiskers.

Do you want to play? Or maybe you want someone to play with your pussy?

topless girl cat girl make up

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Happy 4th of July

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Yes, I know it’s a few days early, but its Friday and everyone is taking off for the long weekend. So have fun, get out, bbq, celebrate. Most importantly enjoy this sexy babe in an American flag bikini, because how can you not enjoy that.

Happy 4th of July!

girl with flag bikini and an American flag