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Yes, this is a behind the scenes photo from one of our recent movie shoots.

So yes, you can expect to see kitty appearing a few new releases at some point. We were just taking a break having a snack. It just seemed really humorous at the time for kitty to don her mask again for this out-take still photo.

furry, cat mask, bathrobe

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Relaxing after a movie shoot

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Sitting out on the balcony relaxing after filming a dirty movie.

Sexy girl relaxes on the balcony in a robe after filming a dirty movie

What happened? Who was involved? What did she do? Who did she do? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see when we release the whole film after processing.

All in all the trip was a sucess, and there will be several new fun films to share. We look foward to doing it again some time. I know I look forward to doing her again sometime.


Leopards day at the beach

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Day two. We’re trying to get out for some sun and sand. Leopard gets into a fun little bikini. Hopefully later we can get her out of her bikini as well. But for now…

Getting ready to go out.

Leopard flashes her boobs while getting ready to go out

Out at the end of the dock. Some quick flashing while no one is looking.

Public bikini girl flashes at the beach, while standing at the end of the dock

Maybe more fun or trouble tonight or tomorrow…

Escaping the cold

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Taking a trip to help escape the cold for a few days.

Hope it leads to a few fun video shoots.

She seems off to a good start.

Panda girl looks up at the balcony from her lounge chair

Tiger slips a drink and flashes at the start of vacation

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Walkies, boobies!

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So I took my pet for a walk. She couldn’t resize flashing her boobs while out in the woods.  There is just something about being out in the fresh air, that just makes it so fun to be naughty.  This dirty doggie, really likes to show off her sweater puppies!


mask, dog, puppy play, bdsm, public, kink

boobs, bra, public, flash, puppy play, pet, bdsm

Walkies and boobies!

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