Snowbound Pup

Posted in general mayhem, sexy tails on February 6th, 2011 by pet_girl

It has been so snowy here, that I have been hesistant to even step outside into the white snow.  I love romp around and play in the snow, but it is so high, I can barely walk in it.

Thankfully my master brought me home a new rope bone yesterday. I was so happy to see the new toy I started licking his face in gratitude, but of course that lead to him sitting down and me licking my other bone to show how excited I was about the new toy.

After licking him for quite a bit he picked up the bone and threw it across the room.  I bounded across the room on all fours and as I went to pick the bone up in my mouth I heard my master behind me.  With my ass already in the air, he took the opportunity to enter me.  He began pounding so hard, though my whines and whimpers were muffled by the rope bone so securely in mouth.

He bit the nape of my neck letting me know he was in charge.  With each bite I gnawed even more on my bone.  Once done, I felt the warmth of his cum splash across my back.  I wanted to stay and continue to chew on my bone, but I knew it was bathtime.  And so with the leash attached to my collar he led me to the tub and began to fill it with warm water for my bath.

Planning some new photo shoots…

Posted in general mayhem on February 4th, 2011 by admin

Planning some new photo shoots. Drooling over possible toys and costumes…