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Damn, she’s so hot and foxy

Slingshot microkini foxy babe
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Sunny summer days

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Down by the water

Cougar bikini on the dock
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Enjoy the holiday

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I hope everyone is out enjoying the sunshine on this holiday weekend. I know we are making the most of it

Panda girl in a bikini floats in the lake
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Reindeer flasher

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If you’re not sure what to get me for Christmas this year, this is it. I’ll take one of these. If you can get it I’d actually take a whole team to pull a sleigh. Look at this cute little reindeer flashing her tits out by the side of the road. Hot.

If she looks this good, and will do this in public; I bet she is great in the sack. I would love to find out. So someone please get me one of these for Christmas.

Reindeer girl flashing

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Relaxing after a movie shoot

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Sitting out on the balcony relaxing after filming a dirty movie.

Sexy girl relaxes on the balcony in a robe after filming a dirty movie

What happened? Who was involved? What did she do? Who did she do? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see when we release the whole film after processing.

All in all the trip was a sucess, and there will be several new fun films to share. We look foward to doing it again some time. I know I look forward to doing her again sometime.


Parking in the rear!

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I’m sure it is bunny girl. I’m sure it is.

bunny, fetish, mask, public

I hope we get a chance to see how you like that hard ride. I’d love to give it to you in your soft tail.

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Panda, panda, panda

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In black, white, and boobie. Panda girl in a fish net crop top shows off.¬† Lets see those sexy nipples in and out of that crop top. Anything fishnet is always sexy, and slutty. That’s why it’s so hot and desirable. So our little fun time friend here is looking for some feels, or more…

panda, fishnet, crop top, amateur

panda, mask, morph, fishnet, see through top, boobs

panda, fishnet, amateur, boobs

panda, tits, boobs, flash, amateur

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Um.. frogs

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So this one is a bit new, even for me. Anyone who likes inflatables will go crazy for this one. I’ve seen all sorts of pets, bunnies, kitties, puppies, ponies. Cows and pigs aren’t even that rare. Frogs, I just haven’t seen a lot of frogs. I give you froggy girl, in bikini bottoms.

The big question in my mind, is who is making inflatable frog feet!? Where do these things come from?

frog girl

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Black haired bunny giggles

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You are a fun one. Spreading and giggling in your crotchless panties. I’ll come hang out at your house, we’ll have a good time. So, come on bunny; what do you say? I’ll bring that big carrot you’re looking for, and you can just come as you are.

Black haired bunny giggles

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Training the blonde bitch

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So you want to be a pet?

If you want to be a pet you should: stay on all fours, learn to speak like a puppy, keep your little collar on until your owner takes it off. So now be a good little doggie for daddy.


blonde petgirl

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