Training the blonde bitch

Posted in photo morphs on May 31st, 2019 by admin

So you want to be a pet?

If you want to be a pet you should: stay on all fours, learn to speak like a puppy, keep your little collar on until your owner takes it off. So now be a good little doggie for daddy.


blonde petgirl

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Look, it’s Cupcake’s cupcake

Posted in general mayhem on May 23rd, 2019 by admin

I can wait to get her cupcake!

Spread that rump baby. I’m gonna take that for a rough ride. Then you can get ready for the cream filling.

asshole spreadding


Happy Summer!!!

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Yes, yes, YES!!!

I’m a summer person, if you couldn’t tell. And with scenes like this, it’s no wonder. Summer time, fun time.

Less is more. Give me the season where the girls go around wearing less. I love it. And then there are the dirty ones like this, who just can resist and want to show it all. Whip them out bunny! Yea!

Summer bunny flashes

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Blonde pup vs the big dog

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Who’s a good pup? Yes you are. You’re a good girl aren’t you. You look so good kneeling there with your legs spread,¬†wearing your dog collar.

Do you want to do some tricks now. Come on pup, lets see how you sit on that big toy you’ve got there.

good pup

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