Pool party

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Time for some hot girls and some hot summer fun. That’s right time for a pool party! See all the girls whip their titties out by the pool

Topless animal girls by the pool
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Well sort of. We’re talking about more ass not morass. If you had a morass of more ass it really sounds like you need take a shower.

You may need to take a cold shower after all the hot bikini ass

Bikini girl with a big ass wearing a thong

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We messed up

Posted in general mayhem on August 4th, 2023 by admin

We filmed today and didn’t take any photos of the costumes. We got all dressed up, and then just got down and dirty.

There were just all sorts of technical difficulties on set. Someone kicked the camera and damaged the rig. The batteries weren’t fully charged. We were just focused on getting through it and getting the filming finished. After all that fiasco we were happy to have a complete film. Afterwards showering off, there was an ah..shoot moment. Realizing we forgot something.

The upside to this story is we are on vacation, and decided to fuck again today, and took photos of that. So in a way it was salvaged, though her outfit from the movie was pretty cute. You’ll just have to wait for the film to see that.

Check out that camel toe!

Zebra girl in her sheer mesh slingshot monokini
Zebra girl gets fucked in her see through slingshot bikini
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