Play ball!

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They say baseball is the ‘Great American pastime.’ Why isn’t fucking the Great American Pastime? Obviously we’re still doing it. No one has stopped. Yea, she has small little titties, but she is good looking! She wouldn’t have to ask me twice. So…



Skinny girl in a baseball uniform flashes her pussy


Play Ball!

… and to the victor go all the spoils.

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Because, well ass. Do you need more of a reason than the photo.

Every ass looks better with a jeweled butt plug. If you are ever greeted by this pleasant surprise, you know that she likes it in the ass. I say, look who is a dirty little girl.

Most slaves report that jeweled butt plugs are very comfortable to wear. The shape also seems to help them stay in place a bit better than some other types of butt plugs.

So get that ass ready baby. We’ll play the other holes first, but in the end you’re taking that jewel out and making your ass available.

Jeweled butt plug

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Naked and waiting

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Like a good sex slave should be. Always ready for use.


Are you ready to be a good play thing for master. Know your place on your hands and knees. Wait for him to call, or take the leash and tell you what to do.

I have a vivid imagination and a voracious appetite. If she were on the end of my leash, she’d be in for quite a work out. Time to put the new slave through her paces.

leashed sex slave

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Teen bimbo bunny

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Yup, this one is off to a good start. Trust me girl you’ll go far in life. Yea. Like… totally…

teen bunny bimbo

I would still like to see her pat the bunny. Maybe I’ll keep an eye out for her. In a top like that she is one horny day or a hundred bucks away from shooting porn.

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