Quit horsing around

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And get over here and get your ass in the air like a good girl.  I am going to take you for a hard ride.


Topless horse selfie

I swear that horse is a selfie addict. Every time I turn around she has a cellphone and is taking nude photos of herself.

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Yarrr… surrender the booty

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Happy talk like a pirate day.

If ye be look’n for big chests, ye be find’n um here.

sexy pirate wench boobs

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Kitty horny for attention

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It looks like pussy wants to play.


What a cute little kitty you are.  I’m sure you’re a little furry ball of trouble as well. We’re going to have to wear you out so you don’t get up to mischief later. I have a good game we can play.

Now come here and pet the pussy for me.

Sexy girl with cat ears

If you’re really good, there is fresh cream for you.

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Training the pony girl

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This little filly looks like she has a ways to go. I can’t tell if she has been getting a punishment caning or if she is just unsure of herself.  Maybe she has just drifted deep into sub space, and has that far away look in her eyes.  If you work hard at it my little filly, you can become a good ponygirl for master.


Ponygirl with bit gag

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