golden pussy

Posted in photo set updates on November 23rd, 2010 by admin

Alright, I just wanted to get another set uploaded before all the holiday mayhem starts. We’re all going to need a bit of a distraction from the start of the holiday shopping chaos or being packed in house full of guests.

This is from the “Golden Pussy” photo shoot. She is one sexy cat girl decked out in a satin corset, Victorian cat mask, and fluffy thigh highs. Meoow!

sexy cat girl in satin corset and Victorian cat mask


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pony girl desktop added to the ‘free stuff’ section

Posted in general mayhem on November 10th, 2010 by admin

I just put up a new desktop wallpaper of one of our ponygirls. This is from an exclusive photo set. Trust me this filly was hot to trot. Remember all those future updates I was talking bout… this is in there as well.

Check out the rest of the free downloadable desktops and get a glimpse of what else we have in store!

wallpaper (link for the lazy. the section isn’t that hard to find on your own)

Puppy girl chewing on sneakers

Posted in general mayhem, photo set updates on November 8th, 2010 by admin

This is a great set.  Originally I was going to save it for a big update, but hey it’s a rainy monday so we need something good to happen today, right? Well, here it is!

She’s blonde and hot! And in a dog collar while chewing on sneakers. Then she’s drinking out of her dish, while wearing her butt plug tail! This is just a fantastic puppy play series.

blonde puppy play girl with a tail butt plug drinks from a dog bowl and is put in a cage

See the entire set in our members section.

I have a whole bunch of other great photo sets ready to release,  so it will be an exciting time for the next few months around here!

corset kitten

Posted in photo set updates on November 5th, 2010 by admin

Here is another quick preview of what is in our members section. This cute kitten with bright red hair in a leather corset. Yum…  Though this pic doesn’t really show it off, the nipple rings are hot to!


cat girl in black leather corset, costume phantasy