End of Summer

Posted in general mayhem on August 21st, 2012 by pet_girl

It doesn’t feel like it, but I keep hearing the humans around talk about the end of summer. I hope it isn’t really coming.

I loved my summer. I told you that master got a new camera so he could take pictures of me and my friends, but he also brought us to a special house.

We ran free (with leashes on in case the dog officier went by). At first I was nervous, after being inside for so long. My little pink paws were nervous about the spanse of green ahead of me.

My owner even had to lightly tap my butt to make me go. Nothing I was worried the grass would be sharp.

So he tapped me harder.
I looked at my owner and shook my head no.

“It’s just grass” my owner said to me. I started to put a paw out and then stopped and took two steps back. Another light pats on the ass for me.

I knew I had best put my foot out on the grass before I got more.

I put out my foot and it was so soft! It was whispy and silken.
I jumped around and barked around happily.

Then I started to run towards my owner. I licked his face over and over.

And I heard him whisper in my ear “don’t worry you can thank me later”

Yawn………sleepy puppy

Posted in photo set updates on August 16th, 2012 by pet_girl

Yawn…..I have been a sleepy puppy.

And quite lazy as well. I have been content to just lay around chewing on my old bone and playing with my squeak toy.

I guess that is why it has been so quiet.  I have just been keeping myself busy.

Now in my defense my owner came home with one of those foot long rawhide bones.   I guess all I can say is my mouth has really been busy sucking that bone!  And then when my mouth got tired I would just rest until I was ready to start sucking again.

But the other day my master brought home another new toy!  A brand new camera, and we all know how much he likes to take pictures of me and my friends.  I guess he figured I had been chewing on that bone in the house too long, so he even took me to a new house  just so he could get the best pictures of us.

We had loads of fun playing and splashing around!  Ooppsss hope I didn’t give too much away!  So look for some new photos of me !



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