Happy Chocolate Pudding Day

Posted in web sluts on June 26th, 2018 by admin

It’s funny, I don’t usually eat chocolate pudding on it’s own. Cover someone sexy in it, and I’m all for it. Yum!

chocolate pudding day boobs

I love wam, splosh and messy sex. It’s so kinky and erotic.

I am a little particular about what foods or items these involve. I do think some people get too weird about it or go too far; spaghetti-Os, how’s that sexy? Going in the opposite direction; I like to eat yogurt, though I’m not so fond of it for splosh or wam. Stick to the staples: cake, chocolate, whipped cream. All Sexy!

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Foxy flashing in the woods

Posted in general mayhem, photo morphs, web sluts on June 3rd, 2018 by admin

Any time is a good time for boobs. Being outside, and alone in the woods is definitely a good time to get up to no good. So whip them out. And boy is she a fit little thing with a good looking set of tits and tiny little nipples.

foxy, flasher, furry, woods, outside, boobs, cute

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