The french maid and the mop

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She needs to either get back to work, or hurry up and put on a show. No standing around on my dime, or I can show her where the other end of that mop goes.

So come on, I know you didn’t put on pvc topped thigh highs to clean the kitchen, so get down to it girlie.

The french maid is such a great kinky costume. I don’t think I’d ever tire of it.

french maid flashes a boob

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Kinky kitty sodomy

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Someone is a very kinky kitty. She doesn’t want you to play with her pussy. This naughty one wants you to give it to her in the rear. I like the cute cat ears with the kinky fetish mask. If she wants to a be a little pet, I’d be willing to see how much of a dirty animal she wants to be. Come here, I’ll give you a treat.

girl in a kinky cat costume and mask gets fucked in the ass

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Ready to ride

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Such a good little submissive, dressed all sexy, on her hands and knees. Wearing fuck me heels. (Fuck me heels are an important detail to finish out any sexy outfit. If you are going to do it right, sexy shoes are necessary. It’s ok if they fall off during sex, but they shouldn’t be overlooked). Back to the good part… Thigh highs and garters, another always sexy accessory. Showing off her sweet little pussy, and her ass with a jeweled butt plug, color coordinated to her outfit no less.  I hope that ass of yours is getting ready, I could make the rounds on all your holes.

kneeling ass buttplug

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Bunny pats the bunny

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This bunny puts on quite a show. She’s a cute little thing. Laying in bed with her legs spread and her tits out; dressed only in her bunny ears and tail. Where does that tail go, are you a dirty enough girl to be wearing a butt plug tail? Come on, lets see you pat that bunny some more.

bunny girl masturbates

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Who wants walkies

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Who wants to play pet? You say you’re a good girl, but your pigtails and leash tell another story. Don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time. Who’s ready to do some puppy tricks? Beg for the bone…

blonde puppy girl

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Lets play pet

Posted in general mayhem on May 2nd, 2016 by admin

I have an idea for a game this weekend. Lets play pet. You get to be my sexy little fuck pet all weekend long. In return I will: pet you, walk you, feed you, cuddle you, play with you, and fuck you stupid the entire weekend. However there is no talking, no walking upright, no human actions allowed. All you need to do is come when I call and do what I tell you. I promise good food and good sex. I am quite a good cook, however you are eating out of your doggie dish, all weekend. It doesn’t mean we can’t have a romantic candle lit dinner, you’ll just be on your hands and knees.

I know you want to be my pet. I know you love to be on my leash. To walk behind me, to do what you are told. The down side might be that you have to go outside to pee, the upside is you’re going to get fucked seven ways to Sunday.

ebony pet slave at her dog bowl

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