Nice knockers

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One of our favorite friends Suzy loves to play dress up and show off her fantastic boobs. I know its just a costume, and she likes to pretend. But how did she wind up with a name tag with her name on it?

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Yea, it was Sunday. I really let it rip.

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That’s right. I was Sunday. It had been a busy week.  Finally time to relax. I really let it go. Three times in a row to be exact. It was a sticky mess. She was surprised for sure. Actually in shock after just the first one. Then I went back to fucking her holes until I was ready to unleash another one on her face. And then I kept going…
(Sadly, it was not filmed)


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So, yea. I wanted to do that. So I did.

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Red, White and Boobs!

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Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend. I know we had a good time. So get festive.

How about some red, white and boobs. There is nothing like summertime and fun in the sun. This season, is a great reason; for the girls to wear less.

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