Happy Waffle Day

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I love waffles. Gir, loves to make waffles. I didn’t know this one would be so popular. I stand corrected.

Waffle, tits, syrup

Get ready

Waffle day girl in bathtub

To get sticky!


If you think these are fun; google some of the things that have happened at The Waffle House. And that is an actual restaurant.

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Happy National Pig Day

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This one is going to be fun.

pig, bdsm, naked girl, pet, slave, animal


This one is hot, sometimes dirty. Often though of as too kinky or degrading, but it can be played either way. This is often over looked. And with curly pig tail butt plugs, this one gets really hot. So why not? Go out and play in the mud, or chocolate syrup, or chocolate cake.


Come on, squeal baby; we want to play in your dirty little hole.


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