Indulge in your submissive nature

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You can see the pleasure and thrill of her submissiveness in her eyes. This is a girl who loves to be a play thing, who loves to be a fuck toy. She wants to be owned, controled, told what to do. She is almost glowing, pleased with her own submissiveness, anxious with anticipation knowing that she is going to get fucked silly. She wants to be a little fuck pet and she knows she’s going to get what she wants. This is kinky B&D at its best. Surrender to your animal nature.

Cum to me my dear, I’ll give you what you want.

kneeling slave on a leash

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Fuzzy bunny

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Bush has all but disappeared. I am sure it’s end also signals it’s re-emergence.  Almost every porn whore these days goes bic razor clean. Trim is called ‘trim’ for a reason. I believe it should be kept clean. Even bunny here is a little too fuzzy for me. If she came waltzing in my door would I turn her away? No, but I think I’d give her a trim in the morning.

Unkempt bush is like having family stop by when you have a messy house. Like, yea, sorry; I wasn’t ready for anyone to see that. If it’s not trimmed, she’s not ready to fuck. I love a horny girl who is ready to go.  If you’re ready for play time, trim the carpet baby.

asian bunny girl naked

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I love ass

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I have a specific affinity for this ass. It’s cute, it’s round, it’s soft. It’s brought to me by a dirty kinky girl who indulges me on most of my dirty kinky games. I love pushing up against it. I don’t think I could ever tire of filling it. I have certainly given it my best effort to fill it, though it remains insatiable and always needs to be filled again. I have no intention on stopping. I only wish there was a better way to quantify amount of times I have filled it or the quantity to which I have filled it. Life’s great mysteries…  I think some things will have to be unknown.

sexy ass in pvc skirtk

Your ass is mine!


I dare you kitten

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Asian women are notoriously submissive, but who wouldn’t want a cute little kitten like this. I bet she would do anything you told her to do.  Lap milk out of this bowl, play with yourself for my entertainment, suck my cock, give me your sweet little pussy. Sweet little kitty wants to please her master doesn’t she?

Come crawling in my door one morning cat girl, I dare you, we’ll see what happens next.

naked asian girl in cat ears

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What a bunch of pretty kitties

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I wonder what these kitties were getting up to last night.  I think I smell a little fish breath from tuna tacos.  You know what they say, you are what you eat.

They are certainly naughty, but how naughty are they? The one on the right; I wonder if her tail is just clipped on, or if it is attached to a butt plug up her ass. So cute and innocent, but so scantily clad and kinky. Hmm… so which is it? Even if these little kitties want to keep to themselves in their own little fur pile, I’d love to watch. Don’t mind me, go back to your games my little kitties.

a trio of lesbian kittens

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Trick pony

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Fuck me boots and a pony tail butt plug. That’s all the motivation I need to be ready to ride; I’m talking about that sweet ass of course. Time to saddle up. Make sure to bring your riding crop.

pony tail butt plug in thigh boots

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Cat girl pets the pussy

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See this horny teenage kitten get naked and pet her pussy. Rub it for me sweetie. I want to hear you purr. Do it faster kitten; faster!

cat girl pets the pussy

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Get some tail

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And who wouldn’t want to get some furry tail like this. Sexy thigh highs, a dripping wet pussy. This little pet girl is horny and ready to play. She is wearing a her fuzzy tail, so you know she likes her ass played with. After you fuck her pussy, its time to sodomize the little beastie. Pull that tail plug out of her dirty ass and get ready to slide your cock right in that tight little butt hole. Time to make her scream like a bitch in heat.

thigh highs with a butt plug tail

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April Fools

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Clown porn. This seems to cross the line for a few people, but what the hell. I like sexy girls, even in clown makeup. You could put me between these two any day; if they want to get freaky, who am I to say no.

clown porn