Dental Thursdays

Posted in general mayhem on January 17th, 2013 by pet_girl

I am sorry that this will be a short blog tonight.
I had dental work done today and since I do not have a hard core dentist fetish I am just exhausted from the visit.

Actually that isn’t 100% true. I have a minor dental fetish. There is one type of pain that dental work taps into. You might know what it is. It is a deep pain, it isn’t stabbing or sharp but rather throbbing and somehow if my dentist hits that one spot I do feel my fetish rise to the top.

However, I do not see myself playing in a dentist patient role play anytime soon.

So this little pup is going to curl up with just her ears and paws on and relax in bed.

I rented the the movie “The Pet” I will have to see if it gives me any ideas

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Sunday Sunday

Posted in general mayhem on January 13th, 2013 by pet_girl

I was having a pleasant Sunday laying at my master’s feet while he played games, but alas he has to go out now.

So here I am all furred up with no where to go and no one to fuck.
I suppose I could just play with myself, starting my vibrator upon my clit, while letting my fingers caress my breasts….but in the end I know I will just be hornier than before, begging for someone to shove their hard cock into my ass. Unfortunately the anal plugs I have just don’t feel the same and will leave craving cock more than if I didn’t even start.

What is a horny puppy to do?

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Take me for a walk

Posted in general mayhem on January 12th, 2013 by pet_girl

I hate when I have to piddle and my owner isn’t around to take me for a walk. I suppose I could just go on master’s shoes….but I don’t want to be left in the bathroom as punishment again.

I wish instead I could pee all over master. Watch the golden stream as it runs all over him…golden showers are just so much fun! I am sure he would try to dry himself in my fur after that perfect shower.

Are you a fan of golden showers? Would you ever let your puppy pee on you? Or would you swat her nose with a newspaper?

Brrr….someone keep me warm!

Posted in general mayhem on January 4th, 2013 by pet_girl

You would think that having my nice warm coat would help me stay warm. But here in the Northeast it is freezing and I need someone to snuggle me.

Would you want to warm me up?
You could spoon me from behind and wrap your arms around me, feeling your warmth over me.
I am sure I couldn’t help but to rub up against your cock with my ass.

That would sure warm me up!
Maybe I wouldn’t be so cold if I wasn’t just wearing my thong.


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Happy New Year!!!!!

Posted in general mayhem on January 2nd, 2013 by pet_girl

Happy New Year my little furries!!!!
Did you get any yet in 2013?
Did you bring the new year in with a bang……………come on tell me all about it…….I wanna know!

I think it’s important to make sexual resolutions….last year it was to begin to enjoy anal. 6 months later all I have is anal sex.

This year is to like being on top.
Do you like to be riden? Or to ride?

I miss you fuzzies!

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