I have plans for you

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You thought you were going somewhere. I am sorry. Your holes, and your time are spoke for. You have one task, to be my plaything. I will tie you up, and fuck you, and you will be my play thing. I need a dirty girl, a willing wench, and a whore hole… Tell me love. Which position are you looking to fill?


Pierced tits and whiffle ball gag

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Drive thru pants

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If you have a pair of these, you’re a slut. I love you for it. I am going to fuck you like a slut; but I think if you’re wearing them, that’s what you want. Send your photos, care of this website.

She is ready to rock. Butt plug, plaid thong, zip thru pants. Everything  you wear says ‘do me’, and I’ve got what you need.

Skin tight zipper crotch drive thru pants

Dirty girls make the world go round.

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The girls of summer

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They are always refereed to as the boys of summer. Baseball and the american tradition… Baby, I don’t care if you are playing baseball or softball. If you want to show up in that short little skirt, with no panties on. Trust me, I’ll take care of business. I see more than one way in, and I’m sure to take advantage of all opportunities. I think I see a double play cumming on.

Baseball uniform girl shows her holes.

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Mile High Time

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Mile high, and ready to rock.

If you’ve got huge tits, you have to know someone wants to fuck them. Hey, use what you’ve got. I’d love to use what she’s got.  My god, how big are they? They are beyond double D. I love thigh highs and garter belts. You are my kind of strumpet. If that’s what cums in first class, I am so there.

Sexy stewardess shows her big boobs and spreads her legs

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Do it to it bunny girl

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Show me what you can do with that carrot. If that isn’t enough, I’m sure I can find you a bigger one.

With your dark eye liner, hot lipstick; I want to see what you can fit in there. So you know what, go for it bunny. If you can take one carrot, I think you can take two or three; and then we’re getting somewhere.

Suck that carrot. Then send me a photo when you have five carrots and we’ll see how you do.


sexy bunny girl sucking a carrot, sugestively

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Rocking Pony

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Never mind a rocking horse, how about a rocking pony girl.

Fix that butt plug tail. Saddle up for a hard ride. Play time is over, the game has got real.

I hope you are ready and waiting any time I want to ride.


Rocking horse pony girl on her knees.

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