Going for a walk

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Where else are you going? To a quiet spot behind some bushes? To the back seat?

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You seem so ready and willing. Crawling on your hands and knees, being walked on a leash outdoors. Will you be seen? Or is the spot to secluded, you hope. The thrill of doing something forbidden, the possibility of being caught.  By the time you get where you are going, I bet you a so turned on and worked up that you’ll barely be able to wait any longer.

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In pink bunny ears

Posted in web sluts on September 10th, 2019 by admin

Hey bunny. You look fun, and have a nice little pair of tits.

Yep, more dirty web sluts. I’m not sure where she comes from, but I’d like to see the rest of that photo set or what dirty things she gets up to.

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Else, it will just be left to my imagination…