teaser video

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Alright, here’s another little teaser with some of our photo sets.  Hope you like it.

Quicktime video after the jump.


Ms Fluffy Pants

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For most photo sets I just make up whatever name I think is most suitable, fun, or happens to pop into my head;  this one came about during the photo shoot. At some point our little cat girl had wandered off set and Mistress Cherry looked at her and said, “Get over here Ms Fluffy Pants”.  Ohh… did kitten scowl back at her. Since then it just stuck. So here you go as a set preview. Ms. Fluffy Pants!

sexy cat girl plays with her mistress

Wow, what’s happening here. Two posts in one day. As I said, comic con nyc. I am trying to ramp things up a bit before heading out there. I hope to be able to post more photo set teasers, but I am also trying to add a lot more content which has piled up. Today I put up 9 new sets. This is just one of them, but there are some new ponygirls and messy piglets too!

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comic con nyc 2010

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We might be going, to comic con in nyc next weekend. To be accuarte, I may be dragged there. Pet is very anxious to go.  If nothing else I hope I can get some other idea for future photo sets for the site.

Well, if you see us there, say hello and hit us up for some free stickers or goodies.

puppy girl begs

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Here is another photo set teaser for you.  A girl with costume puppy ears sitting up and begging.

naked girl with puppy ears sits up and begs

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