Fall fox

Posted in general mayhem on October 17th, 2013 by pet_girl

Why do I love being a foxy girl in the fall. It is something about all the fall colors doting the skyline.

Plus we all know that foxy girls are sly and stealth. I guess that is how I was able to sneak up behind him and slowly wrap my arms around his waist. Letting them snake down to undue the button on his pants.

I tingled when I heard the zipper go down. And finally I had him in my hands, stroking as he got harder and harder. I am a fox so I had to nuzzle his arm, lightly nipping at it.

What do you think happened next?

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Feed the pony?

Posted in general mayhem on October 8th, 2013 by pet_girl

I love to have my pony fed.
I dress up in my leather chaps and tight leather top.
The bit goes in my mouth and I can feel it biting at the corners of my lips. But is good that I at least have something to bite into when that whip cracks against my ass.

It seems I have become the pony and I know with each crack of the whip that I will be rode hard tonight.

The chaps are perfect as they leave only my bare ass checks and asshole vunerable to my rider.

As I wait with my ass in the air I know that my reins will be grabbed in due time and he will begin to pump and ride my ass.
I can hear him lubing up his cock, as I sit waiting for him to thrust it into me. But while I wait with anticipation instead I get one more whack from the whip – I neigh despite my self.

The teasing is over and I feel his hand take the reins and pull me back onto his cock.

This ride is just beginning

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