Happy Valentines day

Posted in general mayhem on February 12th, 2023 by admin

Have a happy and sexy holiday everyone. Obviously we think it’s fun to dress up. Especially for sex. You can do that without any real reason or special occasion. On a holiday just for love! Well, how could we not do something fun.

Red lingerie, garter belt, unicorn, furry, mask
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Fun filming with furry bunny in pink

Posted in behind the scenes, photo set updates on October 15th, 2022 by admin

So we managed to get away over the weekend and had time to record another fun one. Time to get editing, but I thought I’d post a few teaser photos.

Furry, costume, bunny girl, pink dress
Fish net stockings, bunny, furry
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Getting ready for fun

Posted in behind the scenes, general mayhem on November 28th, 2021 by admin

Here we are, getting dressed and ready for another adventure. I also noticed we’re at one of our favorite get away locations again; that’s funny. Ohh… the dirty things that we have done there…

And don’t worry, this episode is sure to satisfy as well. Look at her, in that pink little floozy outfit. How could you not want to.

Furry, mask, costume, hopeless romantic seeks filthy whore
filthy, whore, pink, furry, fucktoy, high heels and knee socks, cute, sexy
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New costumes

Posted in behind the scenes, general mayhem on February 28th, 2021 by admin

Guess who went shopping for some new costumes!

Yea that’s right, we got some new fun stuff to play around with. She just loves her new cute pink fursuit head. The first film is a wrap, and onto the editing table. You should look out for some more; I have a feeling these will put in regular appearances in our videos

Cute girl in see through pink dress, stockings and furry puppy head mask
Man in fursuit head, husky shirt, and ready to yiff. Costume phantasy for costume, cosplay, pet play, furry and other kinky fun
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Merry X-Mas Reindeer porn 3

Posted in general mayhem, photo set updates on December 11th, 2020 by admin

Suck that candy cane sexy. And start to show me some of that sugar. It’s going to start to get hot. Are you in the X-Mas spirit yet?

Sucking on a candy cane with red lipstick
Reindeer costume, flashing her sexy ass in a thong. Cute furry tail
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Merry X-Mas Reindeer porn

Posted in general mayhem, photo set updates on December 1st, 2020 by admin

It’s that time of year again. Yes, that’s right. It’s time for Christmas porn. So this year we’ve got our very own Reindeer mini photo shoot. Brought to you in 6 installments to help you count down the days to X-Mas.

So away we go!

Reindeer costume strip tease
Reindeer costume strip, starts to unzip
Reindeer costume striptease, lets see some boobs. X-mas porn. Christmas costumes sexy
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Boobie flashing from the set

Posted in behind the scenes on August 14th, 2020 by admin

We’re outside getting ready to film the next movie. Here are a few of her getting ready and then flashing her tits. Her boobs were about ready bust out of that skimpy tube top anyhow. That little micro skirt… We’ll have to see what kind of trouble we can get into.

Sexy cat girl posing outside in tube top and micro skirt
Furry cat girl flashes her boobs
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Posted in behind the scenes on November 18th, 2019 by admin

Yes, this is a behind the scenes photo from one of our recent movie shoots.

So yes, you can expect to see kitty appearing a few new releases at some point. We were just taking a break having a snack. It just seemed really humorous at the time for kitty to don her mask again for this out-take still photo.

furry, cat mask, bathrobe

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Hoppy Easter

Posted in general mayhem, web sluts on April 1st, 2018 by admin

Hoppy Easter everyone.

Bunny girls are always cute, even if you’re not really that into girls in animal costumes. They are sexy, they are fluffy, and hey its just a fun costume.

One thing bunnies do well is fuck! So, quick like a bunny, break out your rabbit ears and furry mascot heads and get down to it.

Easter bunny, topless, boobs, tits, furry, mascot, naked

blow job, suck dick, bunny, costume

furry, bunny, sex, mask, costume, mascot head, fucking

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Floppy eared bunny girl

Posted in web sluts on June 24th, 2016 by admin

…gets ready for a romp.

Little blonde fuck bunny waiting in bed. Ready to play. In her shiny white thigh high stockings and fluffy bunny costume.

Hop on over here. I have something for your fluffy bunny tail. I hope you have the sex drive of a bunny, because I have no other plans for the day and can think of more than a few uses for you.

amateur girl in bunny costume boobs out

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